Edison Wins a GRAMMY® !

On Saturday, January 30, 2010, The Recording Academy hosted a Special Merit Awards Ceremony. The Academy awarded the Individual Technical Grammy® to Thomas Alva Edison. This award is presented by vote of the Recording Academy's National Trustees to individuals who have made outstanding contributions of technical significance to the recording field. Edison was nominated for the 2010 Technical Award by Sylvia Massey, an entrepreneur, record producer, and studio engineer.

The special invitation only ceremony was held at the Wilshire Ebbel Theater in Los Angles during Grammy Week. Accepting the Award were Robert Wheeler, Madeleine Edison Sloane II, Heywood Edison Sloane and Lizabeth Sloane.

Edison family in attendence were Robert Wheeler (great-great grand nephew), wife Linda Wheeler, daughter Kathleen (Alexis) Wheeler, Madeleine Edison Sloane II (great granddaughter), Heywood Edison Sloane (great grandson) Duitch Sloane (spouse) Juliana E. Edison Sloane (great-great granddaughter), Lizabeth Sloane Eggemann (great granddaughter) Danny Eggemann (spouse) and Danny Eggeman Jr. (great-great grandson).

Edison received his first GRAMMY® in 1977. The Recording Academy presented him with it's National Trustee Award at that time for his achievements in sound.

The GRAMMY® will be on display at the Edison Birthplace.

Liz Sloane Eggeman and family, Heywood Sloane and family,

Madeleine Sloane, Robert Wheeler and family


Heywood Sloane, Liz Sloane, Madeleine Sloane, Robert Wheeler


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