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Post Cards

Two paintings of Birthplace exterior (3.5" x 5.5”) $.25 each
Felton (painting)
Porter (painting)


View of the parlor of the Edison Birthplace
  View of the parents’ bedroom in the Edison Birthplace
View of the kitchen of the Edison Birthplace
Glenmont - colored exterior photo of Edison’s home in West Orange, New Jersey.  He resided there for over 40 years.
A water color  of “Young Edison” statue executed by  Ohio artist, Kinley Shogren.
Library of the Edison laboratory (West Orange, New Jersey)
Exterior view of Miller Cottage a Chautauqua (Lewis Miller founded our first summer school at Chautauqua, N.Y. and was Edison’s father-in-law)
Edison in dining room at Glenmont, West Orange, New Jersey
View of Edison taking a nap in his West Orange laboratory
Mina Miller Edison and children Madeleine & Charles
Photo of Edison punching the time clock at his West Orange Site
Black and white photo of Thomas Edison and a phonograph with a large horn on a stand
Black and white photo of Edison and his projecting kinetoscope
Edison family photo featuring Mina Miller Edison, the inventor and their children Madeleine, Charles and Theodore
Night view of “Young Edison” a bronze sculpture on the Milan town square which shows Nancy Edison instructing her son Thomas.

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