Edison Statue Spends Summer in Milan

Thomas Edison is spending the summer in his hometown!  It’s been a long road to Washington for Thomas Edison, starting in 2007, when support was rallied all over the state for Edison to be the replacement statue for Gov. Allen in Statuary Hall of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  Edison was chosen as the statue in 2012, and Alan Cottrill of Zanesville was chosen as the sculptor.  Mr. Edison spent a year in Columbus and now he’s come back to Milan for the summer!  He will be in residence until Sept. 9, 2016, when he will be traveling to Washington, DC.  The ceremony for his installation will be Sept. 21, 2016 at the Capitol Bldg. in Washington.  You can view the impressive statue at the Milan Library on Church St. in Milan.  For library hours click hereIMG_2975 (1)