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Mr. Edison Permanent Resident of Milan

Thomas Edison has come to stay in Milan, in the form of a handsome bronze statue, a close replica of the Edison statue now representing Ohio in Statuary Hall of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  Fabricated by sculptor Alan Cottrill of Janesville, Ohio, he added a phonograph(Edison’s favorite invention)  in Edison’s left hand for…
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Edison Birthplace Celebrates Japan’s Tanabata Festival

For over 7 years now, the Birthplace has been involved in the Tanabata Festival of Yawata City in Japan .  The Festival is based on a myth about 2 stars that appear on either side of the Milky Way in the summer sky.  Orihimi (Vega) was the weaver of heavenly cloth for the sky gods and…
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PPG Pittsburgh, PA & Huron, OH Revitalize Edison Birthplace

PPG Pittsburgh, PA and Huron, Ohio were onsite with employee volunteers from it’s plant in Huron, OH and paint contractors from Textbook Painting in Avon Lake, OH to revitalize and restore parts of the museum through completion of painting projects and landscaping as part of PPG COLORFUL COMMUNITIES program on Mon, Sept 12, 2016. 15…
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International Museum Day May 20, 2017

The Edison Birthplace will be celebrating International Museum Day on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 with all the other museums in Erie County. We will have free walk-thru tours for the public and games from Tom’s boyhood. Come and make a light bulb ornament! Special hours will be 11am – 4pm.

Ohio Statue of Thomas Edison finally resides in Washington, DC

A  bronze, larger-than-life statue of Thomas Edison now resides in Statuary Hall of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  The 6 ft. 10 in. statue, standing on a large granite base, is one of two representing Ohio; President James Garfield is the other. The road to Washington for Mr. Edison had been very long, since he…
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Edison Statue Spends Summer in Milan

Thomas Edison is spending the summer in his hometown!  It’s been a long road to Washington for Thomas Edison, starting in 2007, when support was rallied all over the state for Edison to be the replacement statue for Gov. Allen in Statuary Hall of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  Edison was chosen as the…
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International Museum Day May 21, 2016

We’ll be open 11am – 4pm with our staff in period costume to guide you through Thomas Edison’s Birthplace home at NO CHARGE!  We will have children’s games of Tom’s boyhood to play outside and a lightbulb craft for kids inside the Welcome Center.  You just might meet Mr.Edison (Skip Corris) in his birth home…
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Thomas Edison statue unveiled in Columbus for Ohio to see

A cover was pulled off the 6-feet, 10-inches tall bronze statue of Thomas Alva Edison, not including the base, in the rotunda of the Ohio Statehouse where it will remain until October before making the trek to Washington to be installed in Statuary Hall of the US Capitol Building.  “I think he inspires everyone who…
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International Museum Day May 16, 2015

The Edison Birthplace Museum will be open on Sat., May 16, 11 am – 4 pm with walk-thru tours by costumed guides, children’s games of Tom Edison’s youth outside and toys for play inside the Birthplace Home.  Antique phonographs will be demonstrated in the Welcome Center.  Special admission price – $1.00 per person!   That’s…
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Erie County Community Foundation’s Generous Support

The Edison Birthplace website has been redesigned through a generous grant from the Erie County Community Foundation in Sandusky, Ohio.  The Foundation has also funded many other projects for the Birthplace, such as  furnaces and air conditioning equipment, uv-light filtering shades, computer equipment and new roofing.