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The Thomas Edison Birthplace


The Thomas Edison Gift Shop features exclusive apparel, hats, pens, toys, ornaments, handmade earrings, records and so much more. 

This page features some of the items we have at the Birthplace. If you are interested in any of these, please come stop by into our Gift Shop!

Toy Descriptions:

Cat’s Cradle: Cat’s Cradle is actually only one of many hundreds of string games or figures. The making of string figures is one of the oldest of all arts, the most universal of games among almost all peoples of the world. For hundreds and thousands of years, people in various parts of the world have derived simple and complex sets of designs using nothing more than a loop of string between their fingers.

Buzz Saw: Buzz Saw is one of the most popular noisemakers of all time! Native Americans made “buzzers” from a circular piece of bone or antler and used sinew instead of string.  

Record Description:

In the Spring of 2012, Allen Ravenstine and Robert Wheeler travelled to historic Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario to appear in “I DREAM OF WIRES”, a Canadian documentary about the role of modular synthesizers in electronic music. Filmmaker Robert Fantinatto dedicated a 20 minute special to his interview with the two pioneers of industrial electronics – and their choice of the unique EML “Electrocomp” synthesizer as a performance instrument in Pere Ubu. Allen was a composer, patron and pioneer of the burgeoning Cleveland arts scene in the early 1970’s. . . 

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Brick Description:

This brick helped Thomas Edison change the face of America…

This brick – one of the limited number still in existence – was taken from the original ROTARY KILNS of the Edison Portland Cement Company in New Village, N.J. – kilns built by Thomas Edison himself in 1903. . . 

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