Social Media & Our Mission


Using Social Media to Advance Our Mission

The Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum will use social media to raise awareness and support, as well as inspire audiences to mobilize around a cause.

Supporting Communication Efforts

The Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum will use social media in many ways such as: communicating with our audiences, provide thought leadership and advocacy for our work.

The Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum will use social media to cultivate relationships with their target audiences, better position themselves to gain support and raise funds.

Managing Reputation

Respecting, building and protecting reputation has always been an important component of ours. With the social media and its ability to quickly increase messaging online, it is critical to execute strategies that maximize our positive image and minimize negative or potentially damaging content. We will always:

– Ask for feedback and input from followers and target audiences.

– Monitor the content of online messaging to stay on top of what audiences are saying about our organization.

– Establish methods and protocols to address concerns or reinforce the positives.

– Encourage followers to share positive content with their networks.