Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum is a 2024 Blue Star Museum

Date: Thursday, May 9th, 2024 Contact: Robert Wheeler, President; Edison Birthplace Association, Inc.  9 N. Edison Dr., Milan, OH 44846 419-499-2135 | EDISON BIRTHPLACE ASSOCIATION, INC IS A 2024 BLUE STAR MUSEUM The Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum to offer free admission to military personnel and their families this summer   Milan, OH – […]

Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum Receives 50K Grant for Don Gfell Education Center

For Immediate Release: Monday, March 25, 2024 CONTACT: Robert Wheeler,, 419-706-3122 Birthplace Museum of Thomas A. Edison Awarded Major Grant for New Don Gfell Education Center MILAN, OHIO, March 25, 2024 — The Edison Birthplace Museum is thrilled to be awarded a 2024 Destination Development Grant of $50,000 from Shores and Islands Ohio to […]

The Edison Effect: Vinyl’s Comeback Among Gen Z & Millennials

In an era defined by digital convenience, it seems paradoxical that vinyl records, a medium that hit its peak over 70 years ago, are experiencing a resurgence among Gen Z and millennials. This renaissance of vinyl records mirrors a ‘back to the roots’ trend where young enthusiasts embrace the tangible and vintage. At the heart […]

Illuminating Minds: The Relevance of Thomas Edison in Today’s Classroom

Thomas Edison, the illustrious inventor revered as the ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’, is best known for lighting up our world with his innovation – the practical incandescent light bulb. But the glow of Edison’s genius extends far beyond this phenomenon, enriching even our modern classrooms. This blog post explores the enduring relevance of Thomas Edison […]

Illuminating Progress: How Thomas Edison Revolutionized the World Economy

Thomas Alva Edison, renowned as the ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’, has left an indelible footprint on modern civilization. Beyond merely lighting up the world, he revolutionized the economic landscape too. This article encapsulates how Edison’s electrifying inventions sparked transformative changes in the world economy. Edison and the Dawn of Modern Industry The revolution started with […]

Edison’s Bright Ideas: Top Five Inventions and Their Impact on Modern Day

When it comes to the world of scientific achievements and mesmerizing inventions, the name “Thomas Alva Edison” echoes loftily. As a prolific inventor and shaper of the modern world, Edison patented over a thousand inventions, paving the way for future innovators. In this article, we delve into Edison’s monumental legacy, exploring his top five inventions […]

Exciting New Changes at the Edison Birthplace

DONATE HERE > Bringing the Don Gfell Education Center to life on the 100th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s last trip to Milan, OH January 2024 Update We are thrilled to share a momentous update on the progress of the Don Gfell Education Center since our last October announcement. Your support has been nothing short of […]

Save On Tickets When You Book Online

See how you can make your visit more affordable by saving $2 per ticket If you’re planning a visit to the Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum in Milan, Ohio, you can save money by scheduling your visit online. By doing so, you’ll save $2 per ticket, making it an even more affordable way to explore the […]

Honoring Mina Edison for Women’s History Month

Mina Miller Edison, second wife of Thomas Edison, and her legacy of loving support and intellectual strength Mina Miller Edison (1865-1947) was the second wife of Thomas Edison. The couple was married in 1886, two years after the death of Edison’s first wife, Mary Stillwell Edison, in 1884. Mina was the daughter of another inventor, […]

Tribute: Don Gfell – Milan’s Edison Man

For the everlasting love of Edison and community. R.I.P “Edisonman” Don was born on January 9, 1942 in Monroeville, OH to the late Edward L. and Zelma M. (Haynes) Gfell. Don graduated from Milan High School in 1960 and received his Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Bowling Green State University. He continued his […]