Starting from 1868, you can see all of the life-changing inventions Thomas Edison made until 1931.

In the year 1868, he:

  • Invented the electrical vote recorder.

In the year 1869, he:

  • Invented the universal stock ticker and the unison stop.

In the year 1872, he:

  • Invented the motograph.
  • Invented the automatic telegraph system.
  • Invented duplex, quadruplex, sextuplex, and multiplex telegraph systems.
  • Invented paraffin paper.
  • Invented the carbon rheostat.

In the year 1875, he:

  • Discovered “Etheric Force,” an electric phenomenon that is the foundation of wireless telegraphy.

In the year 1876, he:

  • Invented the electric pen used for the first mimeographs.

In the year 1877, he:

  • Invented the carbon telephone transmitter, making telephony commercially practical. This included the microphone used in radio.

In the year 1877, he:

  • Invented the phonograph. This was Edison’s favorite invention. He sponsored the Edison Phonograph Polka to help popularize the new device.

In the year 1879, he:

  • Discovered incandescent light.
  • Radically improved dynamos and generators.
  • Discovered a system of distribution, regulation, and measurement of electric current-switches, fuses, sockets, and meters.

In the year 1880, he:

  • Invented the magnetic ore separator.

In the year 1880, he:

  • Discovered the “Edison Effect,” the fundamental principle of electronics.

In the year 1885, he:

  • Discovered a system of wireless induction telegraph between moving trains and stations. He also patented similar systems for ship-to-shore use.

In the year 1891, he:

  • Invented the motion picture camera.

In the year 1896, he:

  • Invented the fluoroscope.
  • Invented the fluorescent electric lamp.

In the year 1900, he:

  • Invented the nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery.

In the year 1914, he:

  • Invented the electric safety miner’s lamp.
  • Discovered the process for manufacturing synthetic carbolic acid.

In the year 1915, he:

  • Conducted special experiments on more than 40 major war problems for the Navy Department. Edison served as Chairman of the Naval Consulting Board and did much other work on National Defense.

In the years 1927-1931, he:

  • Tested 17,000 plants for rubber content as a source of rubber in war emergencies. A piece of vulcanized rubber was made from a Goldenrod strain he developed.