Percy The Peacock

Uploaded on: June 19th, 2018

Percy…..Peacock About Town!  Percy became a resident of the neighborhood around the Edison Birthplace in October of 2017.  He had been owned by two people a few miles away and escaped. He showed up at the Birthplace and would not be captured, but soon Percy captured the hearts of the residents up and down the street.  Percy survived the cold winter, growing his beautiful plumage that he now displays whenever there’s an audience around.  Everyone in the neighborhood feeds and protects him.  His screeches and honks pervade the whole area.  In the last few months he has ventured from his original neighborhood and has made several walks around the village, to the bank, to the drive-thru, to Jim’s Pizza Box (good pizza), but always comes back to his familiar area to get fed by his “family” and sleep in the neighborhood trees for the night.  If you come to the Birthplace, look for him, sometimes he’s in the road so drive slowly.  He’ll be somewhere around, entertaining people or standing on “his” wall directing traffic . He’s beautiful to look at, but don’t try to rush at him or take selfies; don’t make loud sounds; he will back off or even run away.  Remember he is a wild bird and is staying around our neighborhood only because he is finding all he needs here.  We love him and hope he stays for a long time.