1.  What is expected in the proposals, a quote for a system, PPA, or something else?
The RFP is designed to identify parties that would like to partner with the Edison Birthplace to use the Edison name in exchange for the Birthplace getting a solar system, to honor Edison’s vision, at a reduced or no cost.   The FRP purposely has been left very open for the proposer(s) to provide their best ideas.  We believe that proposer(s) may have different interests, motives, and be able to offer different arrangements to the Edison Birthplace.  Therefore proposals may range from: A quote for a system which an investor could entertain and enter into a PPA with the Birthplace, with a payment(s) to the Birthplace for naming and/or advertising rights;  A conventional PPA with attractive rates and/or payments for naming and/or advertising rights;  Providing a system with payments for naming and/or advertising rights; Something we have not thought about but would be mutually beneficial to all parties.  
Proposers may be solar installers, solar equipment suppliers, investors, companies interested in promoting their “green” projects, electrical suppliers, etc. or teams of the above.  It is expected there will be opportunities for teaming once interested parties have been identified in this RFP phase. 
2.  What is the number for visitors to the home annually?
We have approximately 5,000 visitors a year.
3.  Have changes been made or are there any planned in the operation or efficiency of the home and/or office that will increase or decrease the kiloWatthours (kWh) that will be used in the future? We noted that there have been some significant changes in year to year and month to month usage in the 2 1/2 years of usage data you provided.
We have provided actual data for the 2 1/2 year period.  We expect that the difference is mainly in the A/C usage. At this time we do not foresee any major changes in the operation that would change the load profile significantly.

4.  Can we schedule a site visit to size the system to provide a firm quote?
It can be done, but the RFP is not intended to result in firm quotes.  The information on the “Solar System Specifications” is intended to provide the proposer a scoping document around which they can develop a proposal.  We expect to move on to site visits in the next phase of the project where we will enter into discuss with potential partners.
5.  When is the expected installation time?
While it would be advantageous to have the system installed before the end of the year for tax purposes, it is recognized with present work loads that that probably is not possible. We would suggest using the “safe harbor” IRS provision (see Notice 2018-59) to preserve the 30% tax credit by making the required investments by the end of 2019.  Please provide a date by which a decision must be made to exercise the safe harbor provisions.  
6.  Is the “23 Kilowatts” shown in the “Sample Display/Sign” the expected array size?
No, the array is not expected to be that large.  The graphic was generated for illustrative purposes and arbitrary numbers were used (the only consideration was that the loads equaled the array output).
7.  Is or will the array area be cleared and what is the solar availability?
The area is presently not cleared, but that work will be done for the next phase to allow productive site visits.  Using a “Pathfinder” it is estimated about 80-90% solar availability once the clearing work has been completed.